dize Multi-Timeframe Trend

Our "Multi Timeframe" trend indicator allows to view the trend on different timeframes. The multi-timeframe approach helps us to filter out noise from the market and to find the overarching trend. In addition to the trend, the indicator also shows the percentage change, which is an expression of the trend strength. We use a proprietary approach to identifying turning points, which will be used for trend recognition.
Furthermore, we connect the most recent dominating highs and lows to create two trendlines at the most right side of the chart.

Using the "Multi-Timeframe Trend" indicator is pretty straight forward. After applying it to your chart you will have to adjust the "Resolution" parameter in the settings. Please be aware, that the selected resolution should always be higher than the displayed chart timeframe. Once that is done, the indicator will show the up- and downmovements of the higher timeframe on your chart.
To fine-tune the trendlines , you should first activate the "Show Trendlines" checkbox. After that we will use the "Trendlines Depth" parameter to detect the most optimal trendlines out of the latest "n" up and down turning points.