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Trading your own indicators can be beneficial as it suits your own trading style. But putting your own ideas into a trading system can be challenging.

I am Pascal and I can help you to realize your ideas and bring them to life.

With my experience in PineScript and the variety of JavaScript frameworks I have the toolbox to provide you with the best technology stack for your trading system. May it be a Tradingview indicator, a fully automated trading system or just an indicator conversion, I have done those projects before and am sure I can help you too.

Working with clients has always been a part of my career. In my previous job at Mircosoft I have learned to work with end-customers as well as working in big software projects. All of those experiences now pay off when we analyze your requirements and find the best solution for your needs.

Why you should hire me

Working with PineScript and helping people in the TradingView community has been a part of my journey for the last 5 years. In that small time span I have accomplished more than 200 successful projects, directly or through third-party freelancer platforms.


Get in touch and let us create your indicator or trading system